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The Oregon Salmon Commission (OSC) has nine members appointed from the industry by the Director of the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

Six members are fishermen (producers – who fish for the salmon). One of the producers shall be from each of three geographic areas: Northern Oregon border to North of Cascade Head; Cascade Head to South of Florence; and South of Florence to Southern Oregon border.

Two members are processors (handlers – who process, distribute, or market the salmon)

One member is a public member with an active interest in the positive economic development, production and/or marketing of salmon, but is not a producer or handler.

Members are appointed for four-year terms and may be appointed for a second term. The Oregon Salmon Commission holds 3-4 public business meetings a year.

The OSC represents the fishermen and processors in marketing efforts, as well as being a strong advocate of concerns regarding rules, legislation, or any governmental action which may affect the troll fishing industry.

Meet The Team


Our Primary Functions Are As Follows:

Marketing and Promotion

Attend trade shows

Attend events to promote Oregon Salmon


Salmon donations for events


Tagline – Oregon Salmon Commission newsletter

Social Media



Involvement in issues of concern to the industry

Legislation affecting the industry

Small group education about the industry


Work with researchers/scientists on issues related to the industry and fisheries


Attend meetings for development of seasons