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A Future with Salmon Diversity

OSC Offers Student Scholarships


Four $1,000 scholarships are available through the Oregon Student Access Commission (OSAC) for fishing and processing/first purchaser families to assist students pursuing a post-secondary education. Students may apply annually through the OSAC website ( Applications are available each year in the fall and may be submitted November through March 1. Qualifications for fishing families: Oregon commercially licensed wild salmon permit holder, their captains, and their children and/or dependents who have paid assessment to the OSC within the past year.


Qualifications for processing/first purchaser families: processors, employees and their children and/or dependents where the business has purchased Oregon Salmon and paid assessments to the OSC within the past year.


Oregon Salmon Brochure available (pdf)

The OSC brochure tells the story of the albacore fishery and our fishing families, as well as explaining our sustainable fishing practices, and available market forms. If you wish copies, please contact the OSC.

Oregon’s Ocean Fisheries: A Conservation Story

The Oregon Coastal Zone Management Association, in conjunction with Oregon’s four seafood commissions (Oregon Albacore Commission, Oregon Dungeness Crab Commission, Oregon Salmon Commission and Oregon Trawl Commission) produced this fisheries film:

Oregon Institute of Marine Biology


– Charleston Marine Life Center – An albacore display is part of the fisheries gallery where visitors can see the coming and goings of fishing vessels as they unload and sort their catch. Interpretive panels explain the various local commercial fisheries that are harvested by hard-working fishermen, as well as the kinds of gear used.

Oregon Salmon Commission Video


The Oregon fleet is made up of independent family fishermen who have chosen albacore fishing as a lifestyle. They’re real men, women, and families who care about good food and good fishing. An Oregon Salmon fisherman is a rugged spirit driven by the adventure, ready for the fast and furious action when the albacore start to bite, someone called to a life where hard work is rewarded by the beauty of the ocean, wind, and sky and the pride of brining bringing one of Oregon’s iconic food treasures to our tables.

  • Attend meetings for development of seasons
  • Involvement in issues of concern to the industry
  • Legislation affecting the industry
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Market Expansion

Wild Salmon Product Expansion

This generic advertising of Oregon salmon products demonstrates the importance of branding and working collectively. The Future of the Pacific Northwest Salmon Fishery is how will the wild-caught salmon industry compete in the future against farmed salmon to retain its market share?


Salmon are seen as important culturally and as an indicator of regional ecological health. Media coverage has varied from questions about the amount spent and the results achieved to reports of record runs passing Bonneville Dam. To know the status of salmon and how their situation has changed, comparing past with present is helpful. Too often, however, emphasis has been only on comparing salmon abundance, not the diversity of runs or habitats used by salmon.