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The Oregon Salmon Commission was established by an act of the Oregon Legislature in 1983 and is an industry-funded agency that operates under the umbrella of the Oregon Department of Agriculture's Commodity Commission Program.

The Commission is funded by an assessment of the cash value on all Salmon landed in the state. The OSC serves the commercial salmon troll fishing industry by supporting and engaging in activities and research programs that benefit the production, harvesting, handling, processing, marketing and use of Oregon Salmon.

The nine members of the Commission – six producers (fishermen), two handlers, and one public member – are appointed by the ODA director and serve four-year terms.

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Dwight Collins
Public Member - Eugene
Dwight Collins: Owner of Newman's Fish Company since 1979, Dwight is a native Oregonian who appreciates the bounty of Oregon's fresh and healthy foods. Newman's sells fresh seafood, prepared fish & chips, artisan cheeses, and wines. Dwight is an avid cyclist and long time supporter of locally-owned business and area non-profits.
Henry deRonden-Pos
Fisherman/Producer - Newport
I have owned a salmon permit since 1979 and fished with my father since 1968 when I was young. I am a 3rd generation fisherman and currently fish for salmon, halibut, albacore, and Dungeness crab. I participated as a fisherman scientist in the CROOS (Collaborative Research on Oregon Ocean Salmon) project collecting salmon genetic information and oceanographic information. I worked with the Commission to create the brochure used in marketing and education Oregon's commercial salmon fishing is an important industry supporting many fishing families and communities. I want to ensure that we have fish for ourselves and future generations. I also want to do what I can to bring younger people into the fishery. My daughter fished with me (4th generation) and now her 9-year old son (my grandson - 5th generation) goes out on the boat.
Aaron Longton
Handler/Buyer - Port Orford
Aaron Longton, a commercial fisherman of 20 years, started fishing as soon as he was able to hold a rod. He grew up in Roseburg, OR playing on the Umpqua River Basins, but has been living in Port Orford for 23 years now. The son of a Navy Man and riverboat manufacturer, it is safe to say that he grew up on the water. He purchased his first commercial boat in 2000, and the f/v Golden Eye in 2003. Aaron trolls for salmon and tuna, longlines for groundfish, and uses rod and reel for nearshore lingcod, and rockfish species. He says the "more difficult part of fishing is the ability to think like a fish." He feels the study of the vocation itself is multifaceted and you must take the environment, economics, and biology into the facts. His stewardship has no doubt helped the increasing number of spawning Rockfish in the area. This is in part due to the creation of the Redfish Rocks Marine Reserve, which Aaron and a small group of other local fishermen helped create. Aaron views fishing in a more holistic approach and takes a grandiose amount of pride in what he does and how he can create and continue to better stewardship and accountability in the community. He strongly believes in direct fisher-consumer market strategies.

Jeremiah McCloskey
Fisherman/Producer - Charleston
I am 42 yrs old and been involved with salmon my whole life. From sport to commercial I have fished this great fishery. I also volunteer at our fish hatcheries to get hands-on with the enhancement programs. I believe I can help give some new perspective and ideas on this amazing fishery.

I would like to be a part of making a change for the betterment of our fish and fishing families. Change is always hard and not always right, but being open to change is what helps us do great things for our salmon and our families. I think this is a chance to help manage our salmon and help get the fishermen's voice heard.

Marketing plays a huge role in the salmon fishery as we all know. I would like to better understand how that is being done and maybe add some new ideas to attract potential new buyers. We have a great product of the highest quality and I would like to be a part of getting it out to everyone to enjoy.

I believe I can help in many ways as a member of the salmon commission and I will work hard to help rebuild our salmon and the families that rely on them.
Ray Monroe
Fisherman/Producer - Pacific City
Barry Nelson
Fisherman/Producer - Winchester Bay
Mark Newell
Secretary/Treasurer - Handler/Buyer - Newport
Jeff Reeves
Chair - Fisherman/Producer - Charleston
Don Snow
Fisherman/Producer - Newport
Nancy Fitzpatrick
Executive Director
Nancy Fitzpatrick was born and raised in Southern California and after receiving a teaching degree from the University of California at Riverside, she traveled with her husband Mike to Beaverton Oregon to begin teaching. During the summers they learned to commercial fish for salmon from a dory boat in Pacific City. Their passion and love for the ocean led them to Lincoln City to continue fishing on the coast and begin new careers with two young daughters in tow. Nancy began working for the Oregon Salmon Commission (OSC) in 1989 and then the Oregon Albacore Commission in 2006. She is the Executive Director for both commissions representing these commercial fisheries through promotion, education, communication, and research.