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Our Fleet Is Proudly Local.

The Oregon fleet is made up of independent family fishermen who’ve chosen fishing as a way of life. They’re men and women from local families who’ve set out on Oregon’s coastal waters for generations. An Oregon Chinook Salmon fisherman is driven by adventure, watching for the lines to shake when the salmon start to bite. They’ve embraced a life where hard work and a rugged spirit are rewarded by the beauty of the ocean, wind, and sky, and the pride of bringing one of Oregon’s iconic food treasures to our tables.

Members of Oregon’s Salmon fishing community have proudly delivered the very best, most wholesome salmon to restaurants and home chefs for generations –personally maintaining the Chinook’s rightful place as King of the Pacific Northwest. And we want that legend to grow. Just as local farmers and ranchers strive for the freshest vegetables and finest meats, Oregon fishermen continue to focus on the long-term sustainability of the Salmon’s wild waters, and the health of our oceans.

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