Each wild salmon is caught by hook and line and landed by hand.

Each salmon is cleaned and dressed at sea, then quickly stored on ice until the boat returns to shore and the fish is sold. The time from the ocean to the ice isn’t more than a few minutes, resulting in a fresher product with a desirable shelf life.

Troll-Caught Wild Salmon is available fresh during the spring/early fall months (April/May through October) when the annual harvest along the Oregon coast occurs.

Market Forms:

Whole (round) fish: size range: 9 – 25 lbs (4.1 – 11.3 kg)
An impressive and festive centerpiece that’s surprisingly simple to prepare. Leftovers can be easily stored and used to enhance other dishes.

Salmon Steaks: wishbone-shaped crosscuts of Oregon salmon.

Salmon Fillets: side cuts of salmon usually without bones.

Smoked Salmon: Marinated in a special brine, then slowly wood smoked to release the flavors of the salmon.

Custom Canned: Salmon are hand-packed into cans in a variety of sizes, where they’re cooked just once in their own natural juices, sealing in all the flavorful juices and nutrients.

Frozen: Many distributors or retail stores will buy whole fresh salmon and cut them into steaks, sides, or fillets and individually vacuum seal them for sale throughout the off-season.

Quality Specifications: Fresh whole fish should be free of bruises, soft spots and tears in the skin. There should be no unpleasant odor. Cut products should be moist, free of strong odor and show no signs of browning around the edges.

Thawing & Product Handling: As with all seafood, thawing should be done slowly under refrigeration. Fresh product should be stored at 32oF; frozen at 0oF or below.